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Target: £1000

This campaign is the final phase in the making of Toxic City: Walkers In The Mist.

The book is already written, the artwork has already been finished, and the editing is complete. All that's left is for it to materialise as either an eBook or a paperback book, all of which are available for similar prices as those you'd purchase in a store or online. 

Most of the costs have already been put forward by the wonderful people behind Britain's Next Best Seller who have done similar campaigns before this which have been successful in releasing fantastic titles of different genres. 

Toxic City is a sci-fi surrounding the survival of a girl post a nuclear apocalypse that has left London in tatters and the human population down from billions to tens of thousands. 

It is not a story for children. It's dark, it's gritty, and it's uncomfortable, all because it has been written as realistically as possible in a world where radiation drips from the clouds and drives the winds. 

My goal for Toxic City is to change the way we see the end of times from Hollywood's gun filled fighting, to the stark reality that if you did survive the End with a bullet and a gun, then you'd probably use it on yourself.

The success of this campaign will not only provide you with Val's story, but with the start of the End Series books that'll span the course of centuries, giving readers their nuclear-flavoured filling and the chance to be part of further releases. 


Post-apocalyptic London is a savage place where nature is caustic and mankind is deadly, but for Val, survival is just another job.

It’s 217 years after the End and whilst radiation is rife, Mists cleanse the world of life, and the few thousand remaining fight for power, Val is trying to recover from a nasty bout of exposure in peace and quiet. But that isn’t allowed to happen when her friend goes missing, her employers are attacked, and she’s made to face the grisly truth about her parents. The Peace Enforcement Agency are killing Walkers in overwhelming numbers, threatening to repeat history and plunge the Quads back into totalitarian rule. And still she wants nothing to do with it, not until she loses those dearest to her and is forced to make a decision to be a mindless Walker or to take revenge.

Val’s never been much of a Walker, anyhow.