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Author: Neal James
Title: Little Maids
Target: £1000

It is not easy to explain the impact of publishing a piece of work which has been almost a year in the writing but to see the finished article in a Waterstones shop window, or on the shelves of a library is an experience which more people should have.

You, as a contributor, should take pride in the fact that you not only provided backing for the project but could also consider whether you could, yourself, replicate the feat. I have always been willing to help others to write and be published and will carry on with that philosophy.

When you open the book for the first time and see your name on the list of contributors, believe that your contribution is as valuable as any other resource which has gone into the final article, and trust that where you have provided the incentive other novels will follow.

The major risk in writing any piece of work is that it will go unnoticed and unappreciated. This is where the challenge of marketing takes the author to a new level. Building up a fan base is an immensely satisfying project, and to be told that your latest book kept someone up all night because they could not bear to put it down is a real thrill.



The campaign represents the culmination of nine months writing of ‘Three Little Maids’ from a first draft into the final article. It is a step into a different realm of publishing from any of my other books. In contributing towards the campaign, backers not only provide a platform for the novel, but also get the chance to participate in something which they may not have anticipated, and for which they will receive recognition inside the book itself.