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Target: £1500

My name is Ocean Ananda. I originally come from Sweden but have spent the last 14 years in Devon, UK.

I live with my 11 year old son and our little pomeranian.

I have been writing on and off my whole life. I also work as a dance performer and facilitator.

Since I was a child I was drawn to magical stories and have always had a very vivid imagination.

One of my dreams is to see my stories published with beautiful illustrations.

The Bear Woman is that dream. Thank you for helping me in realising it.


The Bear Woman is a story about love. A powerful, dramatic and adventurous narrative of Rion and Loana's possible and impossible love. It is a story that inspires us to never lose hope and to never let go of our dreams, regardless of how inconceivable they may seem. Bear Woman can be read by children from seven years of age and upwards, but is also a tale for grown-ups who have long since lost touch of their enigmatic, dreamy and magical childhood world.