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Target: £1350

It's time to go back to where it all began. This book is the single most important project I ever undertook and it helped me prove to myself that I could write a book. That I could push myself to become an author.

There are many challenges to writing. Is the story good enough? Are the characters believable? They are endless. However the biggest is getting people to invest not only their money but their time in what essentially has come from your mind. One by One was well received when it was self-published and now, with the incredible support and backing of BNBS and yourselves, I am hoping to bring the story of Lucas Cole's rampage to a bigger audience.

Whilst I do have an ongoing sci-fi series in publication, everything started with One by One. This was the book that made me realise that I could do this, that I could do what I have loved since my late teens. This book and story is so special and personal to me and the possibility of holding it in my hands and seeing it in shops is what fuels my incredible desire to keep writing books.


" I am hoping to bring the story of Lucas Cole's rampage to a bigger audience"

Violence is like a storm.

For Lucas Cole, life is more than he could have ever hoped for. Daily Muay Thai training sessions with his best friend, a progressive career as a mechanic and married to Helen, the love of his life. All of it comes to an end on a rainy saturday night in London.

When Helen is ripped from the world by the notorious Drayton family on a visit to the capital and the police, including the prodigal Officer Starling, do little to bring them to justice, Lucas embarks on a rain soaked London to put things right himself.

As the body count rises and the ripple effects of the escalating violence reaches further than he could have imagined, Lucas has to confront his dark past, his continuous grief, a nationwide police hunt and, of course, the Draytons....